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Build your own bundle Comics on Coffee

Build your own bundle Comics on Coffee

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Craft Your Own Bundle and Elevate Your Coffee Experience

Customize your coffee ground subscription by hand-picking your favorite flavors to include in a single bundle. With our user-friendly subscription portal, managing your coffee deliveries is a breeze—cancel, skip, or modify your subscription anytime, hassle-free. Choose three of your preferred coffees below to add to your bundle:

  1. Dark Knight Roast

    • The ultimate collaboration between Comics On Coffee & DC, this Dark Knight Roast promises an exhilarating morning with every sip. No bitter aftertaste here—just hints of citrus and chocolate that'll keep you coming back for more.
  2. Wonder Woman Paradise Island

    • Straight from the hidden island of Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island, comes this tropical delight. With coconut and pecan flavors, this brew is a sweet escape from the ordinary. Fuel your inner hero with every cup.
  3. Superman Metropolis Mocha

    • Get ready to feel more powerful than a locomotive with the Superman: The Metropolis Mocha. Sourced from the high mountains of Nicaragua, this bold espresso bean infused with natural chocolate and vanilla flavors will have you soaring to new heights.
  4. Joker Blueberry Blast

    • Indulge in the madness with this specialty grade espresso bean, infused with hints of sweet blueberry. Villains and collectors alike agree—this brew is a must-try.
  5. Scarecrow Pumpkin Spice

    • Embrace the flavors of fall with this specialty-grade espresso bean, infused with creamy pumpkin, nutty pecan, and spicy cinnamon. It's a brew fit for The Master of Fear himself.
  6. Mad Love for Raspberry Coffee

    • Fall crazy in love with this smooth, raspberry-flavored coffee, specially crafted for Valentine's Day.
  7. Central City Spiced Rum

    • Transport yourself to the speed force with this 100% Arabica Coffee, infused with delicious flavors of rum, cream, and espresso. It's a lighter roast with higher caffeine—perfect for your daily adventures.
  8. Blue Beetle Horchata

    • Experience the excitement of Comics On Coffee & DC's collaboration with this Blue Beetle Horchata Flavored Coffee. It's a sweet blend of cinnamon and vanilla that's out of this world.
  9. The Lord Of The Rings: The Baggins Blend

    • Embark on an epic adventure with this premium blend of Brazil & Nicaragua's finest coffee. Enhanced with hazelnut flavors, it's the perfect brew for any quest.
  10. Green Lantern Irish Cream

    • Empower yourself with the willpower to fight evil with the might of this Irish Cream flavored coffee. Directly sourced and roasted in-house, it's the perfect medium roast for your heroic endeavors.
  11. Sinestro: A Dark Roast Blend

    • Dive into the dark, smoky flavors of the Sinestro Corps Dark Blend, with notes of citrus and cocoa. Brew like a villain with every cup.

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your coffee game with our premium blends. Order now and experience the magic of Comics On Coffee & DC.

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