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Batman Mug And Coffee Bundle

Batman Mug And Coffee Bundle

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The ultimate team-up! Comics On Coffee & DC

have joined forces to make your mornings more exciting

and action packed with our Drak Knight Roast & the 20oz Batman Travel Mug Bundle!

This Dark Knight Roast is an excellent cup of coffee, that

will leave your taste buds begging for one more cup!

Absolutely no bitter aftertaste, with a tiny hint of citrus

and chocolate. The travel mug is dishwasher safe and BPA Free. A custom engraving; you won't find this mug anywhere else. Back of the mug also has the Comics On Coffee Logo engraved!

For the true collectors & fans out there, don’t miss your

chance to experience what all vigilantes are calling

“A roast you’ll want to keep brewing from sun-up to


©️&™️ DC (s23)

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