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DC Coffee Sampler: Collector’s Edition

DC Coffee Sampler: Collector’s Edition

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Not Sure which of our delicious coffees to buy? Buy this DC Sample Bundle and get 8 of our premium coffees; each packaged in it's own awesome little bag. 


2oz Blue Beetle: Horchata

2oz Superman: Metropolis Mocha

2oz Mad Love for Raspberry

2oz Joker: Blueberry Blast

2oz Scarecrow: Pumpkin Spice

2oz Wonder Woman: Coconut Pecan

2oz Sinestro: Dark Roast Blend

2oz Green Lantern: Irish Cream


Each sample bag contains two ounces of coffee; thats enough for an entire pot of coffee (5 cups) or use it 5x with a reusable Kcup filter! 40 cups of coffee no matter how you brew it! 

Each sample coffee comes ground medium/drip. 




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